Welcome to the Teaching ERWC Podcast! This is officially our inaugural episode, and there is a lot to cover.

First, my name is Jeffery E. Frieden, an ERWC teacher at Hillcrest High School in the Alvord Unified School District. That’s it, just a teacher. Okay, I’m creating content for ERWC, so maybe not just a teacher. But other than a few clever networking opportunities I took using social media, I am just a guy trying to make his way through the modules.

In this episode, you will hear from Jennifer Fletcher, head of the ERWC Steering Committee. She lays out the vision for the future of ERWC, as well as the months ahead. Even though I have been teaching ERWC for a decade, Jennifer shared some details about ERWC that surprised me:

  • Over 15,000 teachers have been trained in ERWC
  • The curriculum in not only taught in California, but Washington state and Hawaii too
  • Leaders in the ERWC have presented on this curriculum internationally

Listen in anticipation about all the professional learning opportunities that are on the way and for an invitation to get involved.

Want to contribute to the podcast?

The Teaching ERWC Podcast is produced, written, and developed by members of the ERWC Community, who is made up of many voices from many backgrounds. The community invites its members to be part of the content being produced here.

If you have any interest in contributing to the podcast, please fill out this Google Form.

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