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Our blog posts are short, focused idea chunks that support effective implementation of the ERWC.


Published pieces will meet the following criteria:

  • Are 300-700 words in length
  • Use a friendly, engaging style
  • Build upon introductory ERWC professional learning experiences
  • Promote principled implementation of the ERWC
  • Take an assets-based approach to learners and learning
  • Are consistent with the ERWC’s key principles and theoretical foundations

Please see the “ERWC Theoretical Foundations for Reading and Writing Rhetorically” for more information about ERWC’s inquiry-based and student-centered rhetorical approach. We welcome submissions on a variety of topics related to teaching ERWC in particular and ELA/ELD in general.

Please submit your post to Jennifer Fletcher at for publication consideration. Include a photo and 2-3-sentence bio with your submission, and be sure to obtain permission for any student or colleague work you feature. Please also include links in parentheses after any text you’d like hyperlinked.

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Potential prompts

If you are looking for ideas to get started, please see the following lists of potential prompts and topics.

Module Teaching Tips
What have you learned about how to teach a particular module effectively?

Goal Setting and Reflection
How do you support students in setting and reflecting on personal learning goals? How do you help students make decisions about culminating tasks based on their personal learning goals?

What does it mean to expand the inquiry space in an ERWC classroom? What are some of the challenges teachers encounter in taking an inquiry-based approach to learning?

Course Design
How do you know if your yearlong-course design is working for your students? What does a successful design look like? What’s the goal?

Theoretical Foundations
Why is ERWC the way that it is?

Potential Topics

  • Designing a Year-Long Experience
  • Concept Building
  • Teaching for Transfer
  • Fostering Rhetorical Decision-Making
  • Expanding the Inquiry Space
  • Formative Assessment for Learning
  • The ERWC Portfolio
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Integrated and Designated ELD Instruction
  • Digitizing ERWC
  • Promoting Productive Classroom Discussion
  • Teaching Poetry Rhetorically
  • The ERWC Key Principles
  • Reflecting on Our Teaching Practice
  • Helping Students Make Decisions As They Write
  • Helping Students Set Personal Learning Goals
  • Offering Students Multiple Means of Access and Expression
  • Helping Students Understand How Language Works
  • Supporting Productive Struggle
  • Succinct and Productive Feedback Strategies
  • Managing Large Class Sizes
  • Making Effective Planning Decisions When Preparing to Teach a Module
  • Other topics of interest

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